Q and A with Claudio Arena of Bevel Specs

Palo Alto, meet Claudio Arena. Claudio is our representative for Bevel Specs, a line of high end independent eyewear that specializes in petite faces and features bold, rich colors. It's been my pleasure to work with Claudio and Bevel over the last five years, first in San Francisco, and now here at Lux Eyewear. As a colleague, but also as a friend, I'd like to say, there aren't enough people like Claudio: genuine, passionate and dedicated to the kind of quality in product and service that our clients have come to expect. 

Claudio has taken the time out of his travels to answer a few questions for us to help us gain some insight into what Bevel is all about. 

LUX:  When and how did Bevel begin? 

CA:  1999. Two friends and colleagues who were eyewear reps believed they could make a difference in eyewear design.

LUX: Who founded Bevel?

CA:  Richard Mewha and Rick Nelson

LUX:  What did the founding designers have in mind when creating their own brand? What need were they trying to meet? And how did they want to be different from other eyewear companies? 

CA: We wanted a modern classic with a twist. A collection made of the highest quality, using our Japanese factory contacts from Matsuda and Martine Sitbon eyewear. We also saw a need for smaller sizes.

LUX:  How are Bevel’s glasses made and where? 

CA: By Japanese artisans with the finest machinery and technical expertise in Fukui, Japan.

LUX: What is your favorite thing about your brand? 

CA: Color and quality!

LUX:  Bevel is known for bold and vibrant colors. What inspires Bevel designers when creating new styles and colors? 

CA: I have always been inspired by colors used in cosmetics as they are also used to enhance the wearer's complexion. Currently I use Pantone sheets that are both rich in depth and texture and exploit beautiful combinations of colors.

LUX:  What do you enjoy most about being a representative of Bevel Specs? 

CA: To have a brand that has longevity--that is showcased and sold in the best shops around the world--to have developed amazing relationships over the years with the people selling our brand, including you, Jennifer Ortiz, one of my very favorites :)

LUX:  What are you passionate about? 

CA: Eyewear - food - life - LOVE

LUX:  Tell us about how you started in the optical industry. 

CA: Plucked from the restaurant industry when I was running a restaurant in Newport Beach, I became a rep in 1995, selling a brand that no one knew and wanted to buy at the time but forged me into what I have become today.

LUX:  You've traveled a lot for both work and play. Name your favorite destination, if it's possible, and why!

CA: Very lucky that work takes me to so many gorgeous places around the world. Impossible to mention all my favorite destinations without writing a book, but I'll name a few: Venice, Florence (my home town), Paris, Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong Kong, the Greek islands, Costa Rica's west coast. 

Thank you Claudio for taking the time to let us in on a bit of who you are, and give us a bit of insight into what Bevel is all about. We are so proud to carry a product rich in genuine, lasting quality and style. 

Intrigued by Bevel? All are welcome to try on our expansive selection of both their Acetate and Titanium pieces. And we will keep you posted on our next Bevel Trunk Show to give you the opportunity to meet the amazing Claudio in person. 

For more images of Bevel, check out their instagram.