Palo Alto, Meet Barton Perreira

Bill Barton and Patty Perreira: This dream team born out of the Oliver Peoples/Luxottica buyout several years back, are the proud founders of high fashion and luxury brand Barton Perreira. Former President of Oliver Peoples, Barton, and designer, Perreira, share a passion for independent, quality, handmade products. My personal eyewear idol, Ms. Perreira maintains a style that is fresh, youthful, sophisticated and always innovative. Handmade from the finest Japanese materials, including acetate and titanium, these styles are timeless and chic at the same time. Inspirational colors include Midnight Blue and Gypsy Rose, an ombre look of brown and a dusty red which I think is the most beautiful color on almost every woman. Between shapes, colors, sizes and materials, sun and optical, there is a frame (or two!) for everyone in Barton Perreira’s collections.

Lux Eyewear is proud to introduce Palo Alto to Barton Perreira. As Palo Alto’s premier destination for luxury eyewear, we strive to always offer the best in the industry, the most unique yet wearable styles in quality is that matched by few. We are proud to support independent eyewear companies such as Barton Perreira.

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